Our Story

Quattro Castella, Reggio Emilia, Italy, DiaryPictures was born on a cool summer evening of 2011.
DiaryPictures are our couches, our hostels, our paths, our corners, the people we met, the way we see things.
DiaryPictures invites you to comment and ask questions: is like stepping into an old photo shop and have a salesperson that introduces the pictures and explains how, when, where and why they were taken.

Diarypictures is a logbook – not a photos stock – of stories told by people who have imagined those places even before experiencing them.
The archive and the galleries will take you on many journeys the authors of these photos will make during their lifetimes.
Like coming across a collection of photos kept inside an old chest, and having a loquacious nostalgic bringing them to life.
Our memories are immersed in the places where we have lived, like a chameleon our recollections are coloured by these places.
DiaryPictures will give voice to that chameleon.

The Authors

Massimo in Las Vegas

Andrea overlooking the marvellous Petra


Hi everybody and thanks for visiting our website. This page is about the people behind DiaryPictures.


Tell us who you are?

We are Andrea and Massimo. We work in communications, Andrea in Marketing and Massimo in I.T. to be specific. Travelling and photography are our main passions. We seize each holiday to explore new destinations.


Where are you from?

We both grew up near Reggio Nell’Emilia, a small town between Milan and Florence (North of Italy). The region of Parmesan Cheese, Parma Ham and other exquisite foods :-).


What are your hobbies?

We both love basketball. Andrea is still playing, Massimo retired many years ago :-(.
We played together for a long time. 


Where have you been?

4 Continents and more to come!


And what’s your favorite spot?

Hard to tell. Massimo loves NYC and the Great Barrier Reef, if he has to pick two. Andrea says Central America and Japan.


How many languages do you know?

We are both Italian native speakers. Massimo speaks English and French. Andrea speaks English and Spanish.


What’s in your bucket list?

Massimo: Finish seeing all US States + South America.
Andrea: India.


How long have you been travelling for?

Travelling is a passion we inherited from our parents. We both started travelling by ourselves in our early 20s.


What’s this all about then?

We are slowly exploring the world. We have our full time jobs that keep us busy but we love to share the photos and the stories we earn from each trip.


And the name?

The name DiaryPictures comes from the idea of collecting memories from our journeys, like a personal diary does. Pictures are the visualization of our reminiscences.


How about the galleries?

The galleries are divided into portfolio and logbook.
The logbook organizes our images depending on where they are taken (geographical division) while the portfolio divides the images based on the subject.


I like your pictures, how do I tell the world about them?

The simplest way is to hit any one of the sharing buttons in each page. Nice and easy.


Where else can I follow you?

These are our social pages:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DiaryPictures

Instagram https://instagram.com/diary_pictures/


What about the photos on the website? Can I use or buy them?

The majority of the photos on the website are taken by Massimo, so just get in touch and ask :-).
All Jpegs and prints can be purchased straight from the galleries.


I want to know more, how can I get in touch with you?

Just shoot us a line via the contact page or leave a reply in the comment box in each page.


Our pictures can also be seen here: